Software Development

Custom software development can often be a complex, costly and lengthy process. Poorly managed software projects typically overrun cost and time estimates and are difficult to maintain. Companies are always concerned about the software’s scalability, performance, security, support and maintenance.

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Network Support

A highly available, functional, and secure technology environment must be in place for a business to grow. Many companies struggle with this because they don’t have the proper technical resources on staff. The result is often decreased productivity, security breaches or lost data.

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Staff Augmentation

Finding reliable resources with the right expertise can be challenging and costly regardless of the size of your company. If you take on a project that is outside of your core expertise, the cost and time to train existing staff can be prohibitive. Projects typically have fluctuating resource needs that are best handled.

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A trusted business partner and adviser to our customers, leverages a powerful blend of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards, Gulf Technology Valley (GTV) refined business acumen and deep market understanding, profound technical skills and extensive hands-on experience to meet the toughest challenges that our clients face, help them compete successfully in the dynamically changing IT marketplace and achieve the maximum return on investment. When you outsource to Gulf Technology Valley (GTV), you have the freedom to focus on your core business while a dedicated team of qualified experts is committed to deliver a turn-key solution taking on all and every aspect of your IT needs starting with strategy consulting and concept development, design and architecture, up to deployment, training, maintenance and future enhancement. Read Full…

Through over 6-year experience in successful outsourcing engagements and delivering top-notch IT

Solutions to customers ranging from blue chip companies to mid-sized and small business, Gulf Technology Valley (GTV) has proved to be the appropriate strategic partner for companies seeking to have outsourced software, highly-qualified and certified engineers with in-depth domain expertise and technological know-how, and the guaranteed quality of service.

The key reasons why customers choose Gulf Technology Valley (GTV) as the preferred strategic outsourcing partner are outlined below.
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“To lead in enabling Clients’ Business Excellence by architecting and successfully delivering complete World Class Portfolios of integrated IT Solutions through distinguished and highly motivated Professionals”

To Customers:

“To be our clients’ partner of choice through careful Analysis and Understanding of their Requirements, Industry Best Practices and Global Market Trends while ensuring highest Quality of Delivery, Commitment and Business Advancement”

To Employees:

“To retain and attract the distinguished & talented Professionals through an Enterprise Culture conducive to Motivation, Commitment, Productivity and Excellence”

To Partners:

“To be our partner’s extended operation in the Middle East.

 To Stakeholders:

“To sustain the Loyalty of all Stakeholders”









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